What the public thinks of Franklin Boulevard

BEST asked users of the street how they think it functions. Here is what they wrote. The comments have been categorized by some topics that were frequently raised.

I believe the planned changes are a financial waste of money and a monumental disaster. Reducing the travel lanes make no sense whatsoever unless your agenda is to make it difficult for drivers in effort to get them out of their cars, which will not work. I have been personally driving this route since 1967 and know it as well as anyone and what I see is a series of things designed to slow traffic. The idea or reversing one of the west bound lanes from I-5 will result in head-on collisions unless a guard rail is installed to separate the lanes and the lane is totally unwarranted especially given the plan for the round about at Orchard. Contrary to stated plans, this is not a neighborhood and never will be. Outside of I-105, Franklin Blvd is the primary route of travel between Eugene and Springfield and is a State highway and all of your wishing will not change that. Eugene sadly has a long history of making grossly bad decisions in traffic flow, i.e. the downtown mall, 18th and Willamette, Crest Drive, E. 19th with the bump-outs, E 13th, etc. A suggestion of the strongest kind, before you solidify any plans that involve changing roadways in any manner, including speed bumps, talk with and listen to emergency services personnel including police, fire and ambulance to find out how your plans will effect their ability to serve the public. We have many streets that need repair and the money being planned for something that is not needed once again shows the City’s propensity to put preference of agenda over what is best for the public.

work on Franklin Blvd. I have seen vehicles doing 70 – 80mph down it but in my 9 months of working, not once have I seen any police pulling folks over. I have seen folks on e-scooters on Franklin Blvd. I have seen folks on e-scooters and e-bikes on the sidewalks at speeds that endanger pedestrians and no police. Eugene needs to get some dedicated traffic police who just write tickets. Now about the roundabout’s idea, I am not for them. With all the daily commuter traffic, there is a lot of semi trucks and heavy trucks along with all the construction work going on there are those trucks too. Some semi trucks struggle to get around a roundabout. A logging truck flipped over In Glenwood because of trying to navigate the roundabout there. If a semi flipped on Franklin it would create a Huge traffic mess. My suggestion … Get some police out there and if they need a good suggestion for a speed tap location I have one. Thank you Be safe Chris

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I try to avoid shopping or driving in the area. It’s too congested and feels unsafe. Friends living near the university complain loudly about the 5 or so round-abouts they’ll have to deal with. They feel it will make it difficult to shop at Market of Choice, Hirons and WholeFoods. I must agree. I’ll stay away but I wonder how emergency vehicles will manage. Forget about going near Matthew Knight Arena if there is an event.