What the public thinks of Franklin Boulevard

BEST asked users of the street how they think it functions. Here is what they wrote. The comments have been categorized by some topics that were frequently raised.

I am all for making Franklin safer for the community. I worry, being a homeowner on Moss street. The University has encroached, and made life miserable many days of the year. I hope there is not increased traffic down my street or parking. It’s a double edge, sword, putting lots of resources towards college students, when they have no investment in the neighborhood.

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Franklin Blvd is a major travel corridor for Matt Knight, UO Campus, from I-5 etc. The current set up handles heavy traffic well and provides wide sidewalks for pedestrians/cyclists. Reducing traffic flow and overall speed to mainly favor pedestrians would be a major issue for this community. Eugene has a vision zero plan but there are other ways to achieve this like making a bike/pedestrian corridor a 1-2 blocks in from Franklin on 15th Ave for example and linking the bike/peds to existing bike paths through campus and like Alder etc. Your vision of everyone walking or riding is not compatible with Eugene weather or the demographics of an aging population with health issues that preclude them from walking or cycling. Idling cars, lost time and loss of use of high traffic corridors in favor of cutting through to quiet neighborhood side street sthat are less hassle fro drivers ie WAZE and other work arounds when traffic is made unbearable buy poor city planning. A dream is only as good as it’s dreamer. I would hope the BEST would be smart and not saddle Eugene with one more difficult and sometimes impassable corridor like Willamette near 29th or on Roosevelt on 24th Ave between Hilyard and Amazon Pkwy.

Where will all the traffic go? How to make pedestrians safe with hiway traffic? Roundabouts must have stops or they are dangerous for pedestrians. Current traffic lights seem best for pedestrians.

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