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Our work is made possible by generous contributions from foundations, other organizations, local businesses, and individuals—and you.


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BEST has been supported by the following foundations and grants:

  • American Public Transportation Association: In 2023, a grant to support our Better Streets for People and Businesses outreach campaign. In 2013—2014, a grant to support holding a series of community conversations around the importance of transit. Read our community conversations report.
  • Better Block Foundation, sponsored by Spin: In 2021, a grant to support a PARK(ing) Day installation.
  • Climate Solutions: In 2020 and 2021, a grant to support our work on clean and just transportation.
  • Evergreen Hill Fund: From 2016 through 2021, general support and support for efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from climate change.
  • Jane Higdon Fund for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety: Since 2016, ongoing support of our efforts towards safe streets. Learn more about the Fund.
  • Meyer Memorial Trust: In 2014–2015, a grant to support developing our first ever strategic plan.
  • Noble and Lorraine Hancock Family Fund: In 2016, a grant to support bicycle safety.
  • ODOT Transportation Options Sponsorship: In 2024, a grant to support the Better Ways Block Party.

Other Organizations

Over the years, BEST has received support from other organizations, including these:

  • AARP Oregon
  • Cascadia Mobility
  • Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Eugene Areas Riders (GEARs)
  • League of Women Voters of Lane County
  • ShelterCare
  • Technology Association of Oregon
  • The Street Trust

Local Businesses

BEST is supported by local businesses, including these:

  • Arriving By Bike
    “Easy everyday walking, biking, scooting and public transit is essential for a high quality of life in any city. BEST strives every day to bring that to Eugene and Springfield.”
  • Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture & Planning
  • PIVOT Architecture
  • Schirmer Consulting, LLC

Names of other businesses withheld pending permission to publish.


BEST is supported by our own board members and other individuals, including these:

  • Steve Abbott, Eugene Active Transportation Committee past member
  • John Allcott, MD, BEST past advisor, 1000 Friends of Oregon director, Applegate East (medical office)
    “I support building up, not out, for compact and cooler cities by reducing VMT (vehicle miles traveled) to work or shop.”
  • Phil Barnhart, Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association president, past state representative
    “BEST is the premiere organization supporting modernizing transportation in Oregon.”
  • Jon Belcher, BEST advisor
  • Julie Daniel, BEST advisor
  • Robert L. Davis
  • Michael & Victoria DeLuise, BEST director
    “I support the BEST mission.”
  • Janel Erickson & Dave Reuter, bikelifestylists
    “BEST promotes the biking lifestyle in Eugene. Not just riding for fun, but riding for work, errands, transportation and shopping. This fits with how we view the importance of biking—for health, the environment and our budget. … We support any effort to get more people walking and biking, for mental, physical and planetary health.”
  • Mike Eyster, BEST vice-president
  • Karmen Fore, BEST past advisor
  • Thomas Foster, Strapworks LLC owner
    “Common sense solutions to community transportation/safety issues.”
  • David (& Duane) Funk, BEST advisor, Eugene Sustainability Commission past member, Eugene business owner
    “Accessible transportation and safe streets are keys to a healthy community.”
  • Edward Gunderson
    “Improving bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure.”
  • Eric Gunderson, BEST past president, retired architect
    “BEST advocates for transportation solutions that are equitable, diverse, and which shape healthy communities.”
  • Alexis Hammer, BEST past president
    “BEST brings together a diverse interests to build a more sustainable and equitable transportation system.”
  • Allen Hancock
    “I support BEST because it helps our community become safer, healthier, and more self-sufficient by advocating for active transportation.”
  • Patty Hine & Deb McGee, 350 Eugene founders
    “BEST helps climate activists engage meaningfully to de-carbonize the transportation sector. It’s a very specialized area to work in, with complex processes and relationships, and BEST thoughtfully and intelligently breaks it down to promote effective community engagement.”
  • Richard Hughes, BEST past advisor
  • Brendan Irsfeld
    “We need advocacy for improving transportation in our communities and diversifying the choices for people to address a variety of issues. These issues vary from reducing our energy demand, improving safety in travel for people, reducing roadway deaths, and addressing economic pressures straining household budgets in the effort of maintaining and operating personal vehicles. Pushing our elected officials and communities to make these shifts improves quality of life by giving people options to access transportation in a manner that best fits their needs (reduced cost or inability to drive). Donating to this organization is in line with that belief as I support the advocacy in policy spaces that BEST makes their core mission.”
  • Andrew Kalloch, City Club of Eugene president
    “I admire BEST’s community-first approach to making our communities safer, more equitable, and more vibrant, and thank them for their advocacy!”
  • Brenda Johnson Kame’enui
    “BEST brings the Cycle of Change to the community, offering pressure, inspiration, and support for alternatives to the standard arrive-by-car transport and rewarding citizens who engage in those alternatives. It takes time, and BEST is doing the good work.”
  • Kessler Burke Family Fund
  • Meg Kester, Public Transportation Professional
    “BEST is a gift to Eugene-Springfield and Lane County! Made up of an engaged and diverse network of organizations and individuals, the region benefits greatly through forward-thinking transportation projects, advocacy and partnerships.”
  • Kaarin Knudson, BEST advisor
  • Sarah Koski, Lane Transit District community resource liaison
    “To love our community is to have a heart for creativity whether through imagination or alternative transportation. We must be a good steward of our resources and our public spaces—and honor the legacy and the beauty of our environment.”
  • Joshua Kubu
    “Moving away from a car-based transportation system is going to be a massive challenge, and so it’s important to have organizations that can help Eugene be a leader, and make our city the best version of itself for every resident.”
  • JP Lempke
    “We desperately need to fix car-dependency in Eugene and rectify all the negative effects it has on our lives.”
  • Charlie Loeb, Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association
  • Joy Marshall
    “BEST is a great, ethical, creative organization that helps our environment and our whole quality of life.”
  • Sarah Mazze (& Steve Korin), BEST advisor
  • Robert Melnick
  • Todd Miller & Christina Howard
    “We support equitable streets for health, safety, and community livability.”
  • Marianne Nolte, BEST president
  • Terry Parker, BEST advisor
    “Grassroots organizations make important contribution to civic engagement on any number of topics. BEST has matured as a non-profit focusing on public transportation systems that include riding, walking and biking, making streets safer and transitioning to a more climate friendly future.”
  • Bob Passaro, BEST advisor
    “I appreciate BEST’s advocacy to make our streets safer for people of all ages and different modes of transport. Thank you.”
  • William Randall, Arbor South Architecture
  • Gary Rayor
    “Bicycles are the future. … BEST can fill the role of tying together regional alternatives to cars advocacy to Salem and beyond. Other more specialized alternatives to car advocacy groups are lucky to have them that allows us to do things like refurnish bikes and run learn to ride programs, while they are taking care of the greater policy needs.
  • Samantha Roberts, BEST former advisor, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Brett Rowlett, BEST advisor, Lane Community College
  • Marc Schlossberg, BEST advisor, University of Oregon
  • Joshua Skov, BEST past president
  • David Strutin
    “I believe in BEST’s mission.”
  • Jean Tate, BEST past advisor
    “To enable safe bike riding and walking. To cut back on auto emissions.”
  • Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commissioner
  • Kari Turner, BEST advisor
  • Jim Weston
    “In loving memory of Sally Weston.”
  • Gary (& Julaine) Wildish, BEST past advisor
    “I respect the leadership.”
  • Sue Wolling, BEST advisor
    “Eugene needs to reduce fossil fuel consumption. BEST helps ensure that residents have good alternatives to driving, and are motivated to use those alternatives whenever possible.”
  • Warren Wong
    “Thanks for all the great work you’re doing.”
  • Rob Zako, BEST executive director

Names of other individuals withheld pending permission to publish.

Government Agencies

In general, BEST does not receive funding from government agencies we are working to influence. Nonetheless, we sometimes partner with government agencies to help engage the public around transportation issues.

In 2019–2020 BEST received $40,000 from Lane County in order for Better Housing Together, which at the time was a project of BEST, to develop a Housing Action Plan. Learn more.