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River Road: Government Plans

River Road: Enhanced Corridor Alternative, September 2018. Source: MovingAhead

MovingAhead, a partnership between the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District (LTD), and other regional partners, has been exploring what transportation investments are needed in some of our most important streets over the next 10 years. In Spring 2022, local policymakers selected EmX bus rapid transit as the “locally preferred alternative” for River Road and directed staff to undertake further study. In Spring 2024, policymakers reconsidered and switched to Enhanced Corridor.

Learn in detail what the City of Eugene and LTD are planning for River Road.

Key resources

Key documents and public meetings about River Road:

  • Eugene City Council Work Session (6/10/24)
    Consider changing the Locally Preferred Alternative for River Road from EmX to Enhanced Corridor, matching the action recently taken by the LTD Board of Directors.

Supporting plans

Other plans and programs relating to River Road:

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News stories and views about River Road:

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Related information from BEST:

  • LTD steps back from EmX along River Road (5/22/24)
    Lane Transit District recently withdrew its support for EmX bus rapid transit along River Road. Before moving ahead, BEST sees a need to ensure the public is along for the ride.
  • MovingAhead: Frequently Asked Questions (BEST, 8/22/22)
    What is MovingAhead? Who is behind it? What will it do? Who will pay for it? BEST answers some frequently asked questions we are hearing.
  • Metropolitan Policy Committee approves MovingAhead; next phase is to refine designs (BEST, 5/5/22)
    Today, the Metropolitan Policy Committee approved MovingAhead, ratifying what the Eugene City Council and Lane Transit District Board of Directors had already decided in March. The next phase is to refine the design along each “build” corridor (River Road, Highway 99, Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Blvd, and Coburg Road), with input from potentially affected property owners and other key stakeholders. Staff will also seek funding for construction, likely starting with River Road and Highway 99. Full buildout could take a decade or longer.
  • With support from BEST, Eugene and LTD give green light to MovingAhead (BEST, 3/17/22)
    This week with the support of BEST and our partners, the Eugene City Council followed by the Lane Transit District Board of Directors gave the green light to pursuing investments in “complete streets” to improve safety for everyone and to encourage more people to walk, bike, or ride the bus, thereby reducing traffic for those who drive.
  • BEST outlines next steps for success of MovingAhead (3/9/22)
    BEST recently provided Eugene and Lane Transit District officials with an analysis of what has changed with MovingAhead since the public hearing 2-1/2 years ago and offered recommendations for next steps to ensure success.
  • Enhanced Corridor PLUS (1 page, PDF, 10/21/19)
    We support our community’s vision for complete streets, Vision Zero, and compact urban development to advance the triple bottom line of people, prosperity and planet.
  • MovingAhead Analysis and Recommendations (20 pages, PDF, 10/14/19)
    BEST finds there is broad community support for complete streets that enable people to walk, bicycle, or use a mobility device in safety; to access frequent and useful transit; or to drive. Such complete streets support Eugene’s vision for compact urban development. To varying degrees, members of the community see that such better transportation is good for the triple bottom line of people, prosperity and the planet. Moreover, taxpayers want to see a return on investment to benefit the community more with limited public dollars.