Category: Analysis

BEST watches transportation bills before the Oregon Legislature

February 1, 2024

Because state transportation funding and policies have a significant effect on what can or can’t be accomplished locally, during the Oregon Legislature’s 2024 short session BEST is watching a few bills related to highways, bridges, commuter rail, transit, electric bicycles and micromobility, trails, aviation, weight-mile taxes, affordable housing, and climate change.

BEST supports Eugene eliminating off-street parking minimums citywide

May 5, 2023

As the City of Eugene works to implement state rules for Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities, BEST supports parking reform Option 1: Do not require private developers to provide a minimum amount of off-street parking but rather give them the flexibility to determine how much their buyers and renters need.

2023 Legislative Agenda

February 23, 2023

Because state transportation policies and funding have a significant effect on what can or can’t be accomplished locally, BEST is supporting, opposing, or watching a few dozen bills during the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session.

BEST supports e-bikes rebates, add your name!

February 8, 2023

BEST supports e-bikes as a practical form of transportation. Earlier today, BEST Executive Director Rob Zako testified in support of House Bill 2571 to establish a statewide e-bike rebate program. Add your name in support!

BEST questions ODOT’s plans to widen Highway 126 West to make it safer

January 31, 2023

BEST supports efforts to protect all lives on roadways across Lane County. Although BEST supports some elements, we find that ODOT’s preferred design will encourage more and faster driving and have other negative impacts. Regardless, at an estimated cost of $250–350 million with no identified source of funding, the project is “too big to build.” BEST recommends making less costly targeted improvements before too many more tragedies occur.