BEST offers suggestions for renewing Eugene’s street bond measure

By Rob Zako
March 18, 2022

As City of Eugene staff develop options for renewing Eugene’s street bond measure, BEST suggested 1) a street improvement bond, 2) to fund critical unfunded needs, 3) providing broad benefits, 4) with a balance of accountability and flexibility, 5) at the same tax rate.

Fixing Eugene’s streets. Source: City of Eugene

Eugene voters continue to support preserving Eugene’s streets. In November of 2017, voters approved the third street bond measure. Bond proceeds are being used to repair city streets through at least 2023. This funding is key to Eugene’s pavement preservation program and reducing the amount of needed street repairs throughout the city. A portion of the bond proceeds is also used to improve safety for people who bike and walk through the construction of new sidewalk access ramps, on-street bike lanes, medians, and other traffic calming devices.

Now City of Eugene staff are looking ahead to a possible fourth street bond measure.

BEST appreciates that a successful proposal must balance needs, available funding, and ultimately what voters will support.

To help City staff develop options to bring to the Eugene City Council, BEST recently offered these suggestions:

  1. A street improvement bond…
  2. To fund critical unfunded needs…
  3. Providing broad benefits…
  4. With a balance of accountability and flexibility…
  5. At the same tax rate.

Read the full recommendation below.

City staff is looking to develop options, test these with polling, and in the next couple of months bring these to the Eugene City Council to review.

There will be opportunities for public comment.

By this summer, the Eugene City Council may decide to refer a fourth street bond measure to voters on the November 2022 ballot.

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