What We Do

BEST is a community organization working for better transportation options, safer streets, and walkable neighborhoods. We educate policy makers, engage community members, and convene conversations to advance our three program areas:

  • Transportation options. BEST works to improve and expand our transit system, foster new options such as bikeshare and ride-hailing, and further the integration of transportation modes, especially for residents with the most limited transportation options.
  • Safer Streets. BEST works with municipal and transportation agencies to set goals and shape infrastructure to improve safety outcomes in our transportation system. BEST has led the advocacy for local efforts around Vision Zero – the goal of zero deaths and major injuries in the transportation system – and is a participant in the national Vision Zero Network.
  • Walkable Neighborhoods. BEST advocates for integrated transportation and land use planning to reduce reliance on the car, expand active transportation options, and improve affordability. In addition, BEST is a partner of (and the fiscal sponsor for) Better Housing Together, a local coalition.

BEST’s directors and advisors are active in many ways in our community, pursuing these program areas as members of boards and commissions, as participants in partner organizations, and as community leaders.

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