Nexus for Eugene Sustainable Transportation (NEST)

Objective: Manage the building at 455 West 1st Avenue in Eugene. For almost 30 years, it housed the Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT), a collaborative space for local nonprofits and businesses to promote sustainable transportation options.

On November 1, 2021, BEST acquired the building. According to BEST executive director Rob Zako, “Our vision is to continue the culture of CAT, building on the good work of Jan VanderTuin and many others, but passing the torch to the next generation. In this, BEST sees ourselves as caretakers, stewards, facilitators, and fosterers, managing the space in the public interest. BEST intends to lease space to local nonprofits and programs on a sliding scale below market rates, including possibly very low rates to promising start ups. BEST aims to bring together different complementary efforts around bicycle and sustainable transportation education, service, innovation, and advocacy.”

CAT is donating its Eugene Bicycle Works assets to BEST. We hope to eventually reopen a community bicycle workshop when the time is right and when it is safe to do so with COVID-19 considerations in mind.

Pedalers Express continues to operate out of the NEST. BEST looks forward to their continued partnership in the space.

Cascadia Mobility (CM) is a new Oregon nonprofit. In May 2021, CM took over operations of PeaceHealth Rides. CM has been expanding service and growing ridership ever since. Along with bike share operations, CM is also expanding into other services, including taking over the Valet Bike Parking service that CAT has offered for over two decades.

Google Group

If you would like to get more engaged in efforts around the NEST, ask to join BEST’s ad hoc Google Group.