Local transportation group invites public to see how Franklin Boulevard is functioning for everyone today

By Claire Roth
August 1, 2023
Source: Register-Guard

EUGENE, OR (August 1, 2023) — Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST) is inviting people and businesses to see how Franklin Boulevard is functioning for everyone today.

On Friday, August 4, at 11:30 a.m. starting from UO Transportation Services (1401 Walnut Street at Franklin Boulevard in Eugene), BEST invites the public to join a walk to see a portion of Franklin Boulevard firsthand and to share with each other what we observe and learn.

Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis is planning to join the walk.

The City of Eugene is planning to transform Franklin Boulevard from an auto-focused state highway to a pleasant, multi-modal urban street that is safe for people walking, biking, riding the bus, and driving.

Before reaching conclusions on what makes sense on Franklin Boulevard, BEST wants to hear all points of view via walking tours.

For those unable to join a walking tour, BEST is also conducting a short poll available online at best-oregon.org/Franklin.

To encourage greater participation, people who respond to the online poll will be entered to win a $25 or $50 gift card to Market of Choice.

BEST executive director Rob Zako explains, “Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.’ Thus BEST is wanting to understand public opinions.”

BEST is an independently-funded 501(3)(c) educational nonprofit organization. Its mission is to build a successful community by bringing people together to promote transportation options, safe streets, and walkable neighborhoods.

The Better Streets for People and Businesses campaign asks: Which major streets in Eugene and Springfield are safe, practical, and attractive for everyone today and which need to be better? Learn more at best-oregon.org/BetterStreets.