BEST urges relaxing parking minimums

By Rob Zako
November 16, 2021

Donald Shoup argues, “Minimum parking requirements subsidize cars, increase traffic congestion and carbon emissions, pollute the air and water, encourage sprawl, raise housing costs, exclude poor people, degrade urban design, reduce walkability, and damage the economy.”

Strong Towns explains, “Parking minimums are local laws that require private businesses and residences to provide at least a certain number of off-street parking spaces. These requirements are one of the most significant factors shaping how our cities are built and laid out. At Strong Towns, we believe that every community with mandatory parking minimums on its books should seek to abolish them. These rules are not only unnecessary: they are destructive of our communities’ financial strength and resilience. It’s time to put an end to parking minimum laws and allow our cities to become productive places again.”

As part of the City of Eugene’s efforts to legalize Missing Middle Housing, BEST urges eliminating or relaxing parking minimums. In testimony to the Eugene Planning Commission, BEST shared resources on why and how to do so.

“A community with middle housing is a place where people don’t have to circle in their car for hours looking for a parking spot, because they live close enough to the store to walk, or close enough to transit to take the bus.”

—BEST Safe Streets Coordinator Claire Roth to the Eugene Planning Commission, 11/16/21

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