LTD 2021–2030 CIP Open for Public Comment

By Rob Zako
October 1, 2020
LTD Community Investment Plan

UPDATE 11/13/2020: Now includes LTD Board adoption of CIP.

UPDATE 10/21/2020: Now includes BEST’s recommendations.

  • LTD’s Community Investment Plan (CIP) is a 10-year framework that provides direction on community investments.
  • Scheduled for adoption on Nov. 18, 2020, the 2021–2030 CIP Draft is available for public comment.
  • BEST has no objections to the CIP as presented. But BEST urges LTD to serve the community better by better organizing the plan and especially explicitly linking investments to a strategic business plan to advance community goals.

BEST’s recommendations

After carefully reviewing Lane Transit District’s 2021–2030 Community Investment Plan (CIP), BEST submitted testimony at the LTD Board of Directors meeting on Oct. 21, 2020:

  1. BEST has no objections to the CIP as presented.
  2. Future CIPs should be more helpfully organized.
  3. Projects may advance goals—but that is not clear from the CIP.
  4. Develop a 10-year strategic business plan before the next 10-year CIP.

Public comment opportunity

Lane Transit District’s 2021–2030 Community Investment Plan (CIP) Draft is now available for public comment.

The CIP is a 10-year framework document that provides direction on LTD community investments. The plan helps facilitate the efficient use of LTD’s financial resources and implement regional priorities that anticipate the need for public transportation in the future.

Annual revisions of the CIP consider new and existing projects and reflect changes in strategic and operational priorities. The plan includes projects where funding has already been identified as well as desired projects where funding may not yet to be defined. The CIP supports short-term issues as well as long-term transportation and livability goals.

Members of the public can provide comments on the document:

  • at the Budget Committee meeting on October 7,
  • at the Board of Directors meeting on October 21, and
  • by emailing

The Board of Directors will be asked to adopt the plan at their meeting on November 18, 2020.

Summary of CIP

There are two types of projects in the CIP:

  • Improvement projects, totaling $29,464,016, increase the investments in the community adding additional service and/or user benefits. These can include frequent transit network projects, fare management, and large technology and facility upgrades that increase benefits to the community.
  • State of Good Repair projects, totaling $130,427,572, keep the District’s assets in good working order to continue providing high-quality service to the community. These include vehicle replacement, maintenance and upgrades to technology and facilities, and other projects intended to maintain high service quality.

Both type of projects are divided into the following major categories:

  • Frequent Transit Network (FTN): These projects encompass the planning, design, and construction of service that increases capacity along major transportation corridors. The FTN strengthens regional connectivity by tying service and investment decisions to the level of development along corridors.
  • Fleet: These are projects related to the addition, replacement, and overhaul of service and support vehicles and equipment.
  • Facilities: These are projects that fund the design, purchase, installation, construction, or improvement/rehabilitation of service, maintenance, and administrative facilities.
  • Technology Infrastructure and Support Systems: These projects include the acquisition, implementation, and enhancement of technology infrastructure, communications/network equipment, hardware and software.
  • Safety and Security: These projects include the acquisition, implementation, and enhancement of security and safety programs that support the delivery of transportation services.


ImprovementState of Good RepairTotal
Frequent Transit Network (FTN)$10,198,586$10,198,586
Technology Infrastructure and Support Systems$1,758,420$8,840,752$10,599,172
Safety and Security$3,534,454$1,029,440$4,563,894

The tables below list all the proposed projects by type and category.

Improvement projects

Improvement projects total $29,464,016 over 10 years … and $140,051,698 over the lifetimes of the projects:

Frequent Transit Network (FTN)

Bus Rapid Transit System Improvements$5,000,000$5,000,000
EmX Electronic Sign Management System$200,000$200,000
FTN Safety and Enhancements Program$2,000,000$2,000,000
Main-McVay Transit Study$105,000$1,310,542
Planning Studies$1,843,908$1,843,908
Platform Validators$500,000$500,000
River Road Transit Community Implementation Plan$56,000$564,000
West Eugene EmX Extension$40,000$100,000,000


Fleet Procurement Plan$130,307$130,307


Eugene Station Modernization$3,000,000$3,000,000
Green Lane Corner Improvement$235,000$750,000
Hunsaker Development Project$30,000$30,000
Operation Command Control$3,500,000$3,500,000
Passenger Boarding Improvements
& Systems Facility Improvements
Santa Clara Transit Station$5,077,249$10,300,000

Technology Infrastructure and Support Systems

Project10-Year TotalProject Total
MAAS (Mobility as a Service) Software$900,000$900,000
NOVUS Modules$400,000$400,000
NTD Reporting Software$208,420$208,420

Safety and Security

Project10-Year TotalProject Total
FTN Safety and Amenity Improvements$1,034,454$1,114,454
System Security Improvements$2,500,000$2,500,000

State of Good Repair projects

State of Good Repair projects total $130,427,572 over 10 years:


Project10-Year Total
FY 2021 ACM Replacement Parts$131,750
Major bus component replacement$2,157,830
Fixed Route Fleet Replacement Plan$98,815,000
Non-Revenue Fleet Replacement Plan$2,197,800
ADA Paratransit Fleet Replacement Plan$11,830,000


Project10-Year Total
Bus Wash Improvements$750,000
Glenwood Facilities Assessment$150,000
River Road Transit Station Disposal$25,000
Transit facilities State of Good Repair$4,500,000

Technology Infrastructure and Support Systems

Project10-Year Total
Disaster Recovery Plan$1,672,750
IT Hardware-Software Improvements$2,378,002
ITS Hardware-Software Improvements$4,790,000

Safety and Security

Project10-Year Total
Onboard Security system$1,029,440

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