BEST supports Eugene Urban Growth Strategies

By Rob Zako
January 19, 2024

BEST supports a CFEC Implementation Grant for the City of Eugene’s Urban Growth Strategies.

Source: City of Eugene

Our homes are the foundations for our lives; they are places of shelter, safety, gathering and comfort. Finding a place to call home and earning enough to pay for rent or a mortgage is increasingly difficult in Eugene. Our community is growing, and the City is working hard to increase employment opportunities and housing affordability, availability, and choice.

The City of Eugene’s Urban Growth Strategies is a collaborative effort that integrates state-required urban growth planning, equitable community engagement, and City Council-directed policy work.

The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) is offering grants to cities and counties to help implement the Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) program, which increases housing and transportation choices for Oregonians, while improving equity and reducing climate pollution.

BEST is happy to provide the City of Eugene with a letter of support for a CFEC Implementation Grant to support Urban Growth Strategies.