E-Bikes: They can make you happier, provide benefits even if you don’t ride one

By Rob Zako
December 29, 2023

Initially skeptical—some of us are “old school”—BEST sees e-bikes as an excellent solution to multiple transportation problems.

Source: California Bicycle Coalition

According to Fast Company, 2023 was the year of the electric bicycle (e-bike).

The Washington Post’s “Climate Coach” recommends buying an e-bike as a practical alternative to a new car. A writer for The Atlantic argues that getting an e-bike will make you happier.

E-bikes can be practical for older adults and people with disabilities, who might have trouble riding traditional bikes.

According to Transportation for America, e-bikes have enormous potential to deliver affordable, clean, healthy and space-efficient transportation to the masses, but the feds and too many other leaders are passing up this opportunity in favor of electrifying motor vehicles.

The Colorado-based sustainability nonprofit RMI says that communities can save money and reduce pollution with even modest incentive programs.

Cargo e-bikes can help businesses get goods where they need to be quickly, efficiently and without emissions.

E-bikes even benefit people who drive: More cyclists means less traffic. More bikes means more parking. You could have better roads. More people riding bikes makes you richer.

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