Local transportation group invites you to challenge your travel habits

By Claire Roth
September 29, 2023

EUGENE, OR (September 29, 2023) — During the National Week Without Driving, October 2–8, 2023, Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST) invites public officials, transportation professionals, advocates, and others to learn firsthand the challenges those without access to a personal vehicle face daily.

Our transportation system has been built around making sure cars can get where they need to go. The prospect of trying to make it for a week without getting behind the wheel might feel insurmountable.

But nearly one-third of all people living in the United States don’t have a choice. Some are children who are too young to drive, people with disabilities who don’t have the ability to drive, or older adults who are past their driving years. Others are a growing share of young adults who are choosing not to drive, those who cannot afford to own a personal vehicle, or people with legal issues. Lacking regular access to or the ability to operate a personal vehicle, getting around can be dangerous, costly, and exhausting.

Source: America Walks at Instagram

To learn by doing, BEST invites you to challenge yourself to go a week without driving. For each trip, try to walk, bike, rent an e-scooter, ride the bus, or arrange for a carpool.

If you must, grab your keys and drive yourself. There is no shame in doing so. BEST just asks you to reflect on why other ways to get around might not feel as practical or comfortable as driving, and how they could be better.

To learn more and to participate, visit best-oregon.org/NWWD.   

BEST is an independently-funded 501(3)(c) educational nonprofit organization. Its mission is to build a successful community by bringing people together to promote transportation options, safe streets, and walkable neighborhoods. Learn more at best-oregon.org.