BEST supports e-scooters and recent changes to Eugene’s pilot program

By Rob Zako
June 23, 2023

BEST supports people having choices in how to get around, as different people have different needs. E-scooters are a good option for some people for some shorter trips. BEST also believes people riding e-scooters—like people driving, biking, or walking—should act responsibly. BEST supports recently announced changes to the City of Eugene’s e-scooter pilot program.

Source: City of Eugene

BEST supports people having choices in how to get around, as different people have different needs.

E-scooters are a good option for some people for some shorter trips. Compared to some other ways to get around, e-scooters have these benefits:

  • More accessible: People who do not bike have a way to use and enjoy active transportation infrastructure.
  • Less expensive: Riding an e-scooter is cheaper than owning and operating a car.
  • Lower emissions: Efficiently powered by electricity, e-scooters generate no direct and few indirect emissions.
  • Smaller footprint: Especially in urban areas, land for driving, parking, housing, and other development is becoming more and more expensive. E-scooters take up less space on the road or when properly parked.
  • Lesser impact: Manufacturing a 50-pound e-scooter requires less natural resources than does a 2500-pound car, hence has a lesser impact on the planet.

BEST also believes people riding e-scooters—like people driving, biking, or walking—should act responsibly:

  • Safety: The speed limit for e-scooters in Oregon is 15 mph. Sometimes, however, a slower speed is needed, for instance, when moving through places with lots of people like the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System. 
  • Parking: When not traveling, park at either a designated area, a public bike rack, or as close to the curb as is possible so as to not impede others. Be mindful not to block sidewalks or impede accessibility for people walking or using assisted mobility devices, such as wheelchairs or canes.

City of Eugene Update 6/15/23

BEST supports changes to the City of Eugene’s e-scooter pilot program recently announced on Facebook:

Cascadia Mobility, in collaboration with the City of Eugene and Superpedestrian, has been hard at work making some changes to better accommodate riders’ needs and achieve a positive experience for the community overall. Here’s what you need to know:

⚙️ To further enhance scooter parking compliance and improve operations, Cascadia Mobility has temporarily reduced the e-scooter system area. These changes have been thoughtfully made to address e-scooter parking concerns and ensure operational efficiency. With a smaller service area, Cascadia Mobility will now be able to respond to community concerns and complaints more quickly. 🔄 Remember, you can always stay updated on the current system area boundaries by checking the Superpedestrian app. 📲

📍 You’ll also start to see more e-scooter parking hubs within the service area. 🅿️ By parking in these designated spots, you’ll receive a $1 credit. Look out for the green “P” symbol in the Superpedestrian app and ground markings on the street, which both indicate a parking hub. 🌿

How to park an e-scooter

The City of Eugene published in InMotion:

Eugene residents have made more than 81,000 trips since the electric scootershare pilot program launched three months ago on March 31st. That means the shared e-scooters have also been parked more than 81,000 times. As with all new things, Eugeneans (those that use the scooters and those that don’t) have been experiencing a learning curve for properly parking this new transportation option. To help provide some clarity on the topic, here are a few simple scooter parking do’s and don’ts.

When parking scooters, the golden rule is do not park scooters in any way that blocks the path of travel for other people. That means no parking scooters in the middle of a sidewalk, bike lane, or street; in a driveway or loading zone; or in front of a doorway. Additionally, do not park scooters on private property.

DO park at designated parking hubs, public bike racks, or as close to the curb as is possible*. Parking hubs are indicated in the real world by green scooter icons on pavement, and in the Superpedestrian app with a green “P.” *Note that some sidewalks are wider than others – always be sure that people using  assisted mobility devices, like a wheelchair or cane, have enough room to travel along the sidewalk. When parking a scooter at a sidewalk curb, the sidewalk should be at least 8-ft wide. A sure way to tell if the sidewalk is too narrow is to look down at it – how many squares of concrete wide is it? If it is only one square of concrete wide, it is not wide enough for people using the sidewalk to easily pass by a parked scooter, so park somewhere else.

Well-parked scooters help ensure that our transportation system is safe and accessible for all who use it, no matter which method of transportation they use. When using the scootershare program keep these parking do’s and don’ts in mind, always wear a helmet, and never ride on the sidewalk.

If you see a misparked e-scooter, report it to Superpedestrian by calling (844) 701-8163 or emailing This information is also listed on every e-scooter’s handlebars.

Still haven’t tried an electric scooter? See below for how to get started!

How to Ride: Download the Superpedestrian mobile app from your iOS or Android app store, then locate a scooter via the app. Once you find a scooter, be sure the throttle LED is GREEN, this means the scooter is available to rent. Scan the scooter’s QR code (located on top of the handlebars) via the Superpedestrian app to unlock. Wait up to 10 seconds for the throttle LED to turn WHITE, indicating the scooter is unlocked and ready to ride.

For more information, visit the City’s website for e-scooters or contact Karen Mason, Shared Mobility Analyst, at

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