Our Streets, Our Stories

For the 2019 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, the internationally recognized day acknowledging victims of road traffic crashes and their families, BEST is launching the “Our Streets, Our Stories” campaign, inspired by the community’s collective stories of survival under the dangerous conditions of our transportation system.

The stories of near misses, life-changing injuries, and of loved ones lost to road violence seem to cycle through the media and our lives on repeat; everyone seems to know someone who is a survivor of road violence. Road violence is defined as dangerous and/or reckless behavior on our transportation system that results in another life being negatively affected or lost completely.

Better Eugene Springfield-Transportation (BEST) believes that we are better when we speak and act together, and that our collective stories of road violence can help demonstrate that change is needed and long overdue.

The purpose of the “Our Streets, Our Stories” campaign is to collect the community’s stories of road violence and turn the resulting dataset into an interactive map detailing the location and story of each incident. This map will be made live and available to the public on the World Day of Remembrance, on Sunday, November 17. BEST hopes to collect stories for this map on a continuous basis to inform efforts on road safety advocacy.

If you have multiple incidents to detail, feel free to either submit this form multiple times, or make multiple entries within the response fields. For the purpose of keeping the dataset manageable, we are asking for responses detailing incidents within the boundaries of Lane County, Oregon.

Your participation is of the utmost importance to the success of this campaign. If any issues or questions should arise, please reach out to the BEST Safe Streets Coordinator, Claire Roth, at claire@best-oregon.org.

Thank you!

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