Join rally to thank bus drivers for their dedication during COVID

By Bob Passaro
November 8, 2021

Join us on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at noon as BEST and other community partners rally to thank LTD’s bus drivers for their dedication as front-line workers during the pandemic and to highlight how critical public transit is to our community.

The Bus Driver Appreciation Rally is set for Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at noon at the Rosa Parks Plaza at LTD’s downtown Eugene Station, at West 10th Avenue and Olive Street.

Join us in the crowd, perhaps with a homemade handheld sign, to thank and show support for our LTD bus drivers and public transit.

Bus drivers have been front-line workers since before the beginning of COVID-19, going through the difficult experiences of bus capacity restrictions, service cuts, loss of ridership, and more. During this challenging time, we want to celebrate what is good in our community. Invited speakers will talk about the importance of transit and difficult working conditions.

We expect to be joined by State Senator James Manning, Lane County Commissioner Laurie Trieger, Eugene City Councilor Matt Keating, ATU 757 bus drivers union president Shirley Block, and other community leaders. Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle will be sending a message with her regrets.

This event will adhere to the COVID guidelines for Oregon. We will require masks (and will have them available at the event), encourage distancing, and allow speakers to remove their masks only when they are speaking to the rally attendees.

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