“The Negative” vs. “The Positive”

By Rob Zako
April 29, 2014

At the recent “Beer By Bus” at Falling Sky Delicatessen, we asked people about opposites sides of the coin. Here’s what they said…

1. “The Negative”

Imagine no transit. None. (Maybe the Koch brothers got the Oregon legislature to outlaw transit.) How would you or our community suffer?

  • Limits work / shopping / socializing options for non-drivers.
  • More congested roadways: Coburg Road at 5 pm. 🙁
  • Loss of jobs.
  • Bleeding gas money.
  • Money going out of the area, not staying local.
  • The city would shut down even more and have more crashes during extreme cold weather.
  • No transit would be terrible for the planet, terrible for businesses, leave our community less connected, less accessible, more dispersed.
  • Community? What community?
  • Biking with more cars isn’t safe.

2. “The Positive”

Now flip it. Imagine we have great transit. How would you or our community benefit?

  • Socially: Meet interesting people, have unique conversations on the bus.
  • Better community with neighbors while walking to the bus.
  • Bike-transit connections. Cleaner air. Mobility for a much larger portion of the population. More people walking. Thriving local businesses.
  • Slowing down and seeing / noticing things you won’t see when you drive, going routes you might not go.
  • Our community would grow. New businesses would be able to attract talented young employees. People of all ages, abilities and incomes would have access to all parts of the community. Fewer cars would be on the road. Better for the planet.
  • More choices for all.
  • Friends come visit!
  • Bus / bike to work safely.

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