Who We Are


BEST’s mission is to promote a thriving, equitable, and sustainable Eugene-Springfield area with a world-class network of safe, practical, and affordable options for people to ride the bus, bicycle, and walk. BEST pursues this mission by educating the public, convening community leaders, helping forge consensus, and advocating in the public interest.


Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization formed in 2012 by concerned citizens to give voice to the public support for EmX bus rapid transit and better transit.

Reflecting our “triple bottom line” purpose statement, we are a diverse group of people, from both Eugene and Springfield, who believe that better transit is good for the economy, the well being of people, and the environment—for our quality of life!

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In part thanks to our efforts, in September 2012 the Eugene City Council voted 7-1 in favor of the West Eugene EmX project, which now has the needed approvals and funding to move forward.

Looking ahead, we support efforts to study if and how to extend EmX bus rapid transit to other parts of the Eugene-Springfield area, and how doing so could support the community’s vision for the future. BEST wants to help engage the public in discussions about how transit benefits the community and along which new corridors adding EmX bus rapid transit service makes the most sense.

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