Board & Staff

BEST is a broad coalition of community leaders and organizations. We include the Eugene and Springfield chambers of commerce and other business leaders, the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, students, environmental and multi-modal transportation advocates, social service organizations, and neighborhood leaders. On our boards are five previous members of the LTD Board of Directors and a former chair of the Oregon House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development. We believe that better transit is good for the economy, the well being of people, and the environment—for our quality of life!

Board of Directors

Our formal Board of Directors oversees our work:

  1. Jon Belcher,
  2. Sarah Delp
  3. Kevin Gilbride
  4. Kaitlyn Grigsby-Hall,
  5. Eric Gunderson
  6. Pat Hocken
  7. Shane MacRhodes
  8. Sophie McGinley
  9. Bree Nicolello,
  10. Michele O’Leary
  11. Bob Passaro
  12. Brett Rowlett
  13. Joshua Skov,
  14. Kari Turner
  15. Rob Zako,
    Executive Director

Board of Advisors

We also have an informal Board of Advisors to help guide our efforts:

  1. John Allcott
  2. Susan Ban
  3. Terry Beyer
  4. Alexis Biddle
  5. Shawn Boles
  6. Dan Bryant
  7. Phil Carrasco
  8. Julie Daniel
  9. Rick Duncan
  10. Tim Duy
  11. Celeste Edman
  12. Emily Eng
  13. Mike Eyster
  14. Nigel Francisco
  15. David Funk
  16. Gerry Gaydos
  17. Beth Gerot
  18. George Grier
  19. Dean Huber
  20. Richard Hughes
  21. Kaarin Knudson
  22. Terry McDonald
  23. Matt McRae
  24. DeLeesa Meashintubby
  25. Tom Mulhern
  26. Mia Nelson
  27. Walt Norblad
  28. Mark Pangborn
  29. Sue Prichard
  30. Brittany Quick-Warner
  31. Matt Roberts
  32. Seth Sadofsky
  33. Marc Schlossberg
  34. Tom Schneider
  35. Betsy Schultz
  36. Carmel Snyder
  37. Jean Tate
  38. Jenny Ulum
  39. Carmen Urbina
  40. John VanLandingham
  41. Stefano Viggiano
  42. Sue Wolling

Staff & Volunteers

Several talented and committed & volunteers are contributing to the success of BEST:

  • Mike DeLuise
  • Kathyrn Sternberger
  • Monica Witzig

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